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QUALITY LISTENERS: The WFAS NY target audience is the bullseye of the largest segment of affluent adults in the United States.

PREMIUM FORMAT: WFAS NY is designed to sell product. It is a foreground radio station. The audience is “tuned-in” to what’s on the air!

CREDIBLE PERSONALITIES: People trust their favorite personalities and believe what they hear. WFAS NY’s new line-up of talk programming includes some of today’s most listened to on-air personalities.

IMPROVED COVERAGE: The new WFAS NY signal provides significantly improved audio quality and expands the listening area to include all of Westchester County, as well as a large swath of Manhattan (Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan) and Connecticut.

PROVEN PLATFORM: Radio advertising works!

HOW TO ADVERTISE ON AM 1230 DIGITAL: [email protected]